Pacific Heritage Tour Spring 2017

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San Salvador Santa Barbara Exhibit and Pacific Heritage Tour May 2017

Final tour pictures are now posted.

05-15-2017 – The beginning, preparation and casting off. San Diego to Malibu to Santa Barbara.

Ship preparation, final adjustments, crew meeting before departure at 6pm on a chilly stormy Monday Evening.

05-16-2017 – A little sail-by at Malibu for a film shoot.

At dawn we were just past Avalon with a destination of Malibu before continuing our journey to Santa Barbara. We had a pretty rough night to start, what I would call an E-ticket ride! We were greeted to a beautiful start of the day, and the transit to Malibu was uneventful. Once done at Malibu we had a glorious evening transit with Santa Barbara being our destination the next morning.

05-17-2017 – Arrival at Santa Barbara.

We arrived at the Santa Barbara channel entrance at 0600. Once the small boat was deployed we sent a line handler to the docks. Afterwards the small boat shadowed the San Salvador as she came into the harbor. It was a tight squeeze at the dock and with the help of the small boat doing a little pushing we were able to dock the San Salvador. After all lines were secured, we gathered for our first leg group crew picture. Afterwards the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum treated us to a yummy lunch. Once done it was time to set-up the exhibit for the public tours that will start on Thursday the 18th.

05-18-2017 – Distance Learning Programs aboard the San Salvador.

One of the marvelous things about technology is we can share the San Salvador with classrooms remotely. For the next two days before we opened to the public we participated with classrooms interactively. They see and learn via interactive live camera!

05-18 to 21-2017 – Exhibit Days with San Salvador.

It has been a slamming good time here in Santa Barbara. People have been loving seeing our ship, we are in a beautiful setting, and everyone has been so friendly. Hard to believe we are only open to the public for one more day, this Monday May 22. But then the sailing journey will begin. Thursday will be a public 4 hour day sail, which sold out Thursday by 11am! After our day sail our guests will be arriving for the 7 day 6 night sailing adventure from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Some of our overnight stays will be San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Two Harbors Catalina, and Avalon before heading back to San Diego.

05-22-2017 – Last Exhibit Day plus School Group Visits.

Monday was our last open to public exhibit day, plus visiting school groups. Sharing the origin story of California to the wonderment and awe of all who visit the San Salvador.

05-23-2017 – Santa Barbara Public Day Sail aboard San Salvador.

Tuesday we started the morning moving the San Salvador to the fuel dock, plus some more provisioning in preparation of our journey. In the afternoon we had a public 4 hour day sail, leaving at noon and returning at 4pm. Had some nice winds and a good time was had by all.

05-24-2017 – The sailing adventure begins, off we go to Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel Island.

PHT 2017 Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel Island

PHT 2017 Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel Island