Pacific Heritage Tour: Voyage Of Exploration

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Pacific Heritage Tour 2023

Adventure AWAITS. SEAFARERS Wanted.

Adventure Sailing legs on the Pacific Heritage Tour 2023 are for people who love history and sailing. Very few people have sailed on galleons of the sixteenth century and on our San Salvador sailing legs when public will get a chance to see California through the eyes of explorers.Pacific Heritage Tour

New entertaining and educational programs on Channel Islands archeology and natural resources, Spanish seafaring history, Cabrillo’s journey, California’s origin story, and first peoples encounters with the unknown will be led by a group of world-renowned historians and educators.

Join us as we set sail for these unique tall ship experiences. For the novice or the experienced sailor, each leg allows passengers the opportunity to join the crew with sail training lessons and shipboard activities including hands-on demonstrations and practical experience of traditional and celestial navigation, cartography, and sail handling, including knots.

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Morro Bay To Northern Channel Islands To Oxnard
August 21 – August 26

Oxnard To Southern Channel Islands To San Diego
August 27 – September 1

$2,259 per person – dates are subject to change

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San Salvador will embark with a group of world-renowned historians and educators who will give lectures to the rest of the ship’s company, along with standing watch, steering, and sail handling with expedition participants.

Dr. Jim Cassidy is an archeologist and expert on the prehistoric maritime migrations to the Americas. He is co-author of California Maritime Archeology and has published numerous articles on North Pacific maritime prehistory. Jim is a former Regional Archeologist for the U.S. and is currently archeologist for the Maritime Museum of San Diego, former Director of the Museum’s docent training program, and a qualified crew for the Museum’s fleet of historic vessels.

Dr. Raymond Ashley is President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego and Captain of the San Salvador. Dr. Ashley has been Director of the Maritime Museum since 1995, curator of ships, contributor to the Museum’s academic journal Mains’l Haul, and spearheaded the San Salvador project. Dr. Ashley holds a Coast Guard license for 200 tons, Master of Sail and teaches History of Navigation for the Museum’s Educational Program. In addition to the above, MMSD President/CEO Dr. Ashley has been knighted by the King of Spain for his contribution to Spanish seafaring history.

Susan Sirota, Vice President, Operations for the Maritime Museum of San Diego, joined the staff in 1998 and has led the Development and Education departments since 2001. Susan designed the Pacific Heritage Tour and passenger programming. Well versed in science and environmental programs, public outdoor and living history program development for the Museum, Susan will engage and educate guests with an island ecology and natural history program.

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Pacific Heritage Tour

No experience necessary, only good attitudes for uncharted adventure.

Past Pacific Heritage Tour Pictures
What adventurers had to say about past Pacific Heritage Tours:
Trip of dreams! Perfect blend of adventure & education. Fascinating & gregarious crew!
Jeff Krumm
Great Adventure! Thank you for bringing this part of history into our lives, and thanks to a fun, knowledgeable crew. Once in a lifetime experience!
Steve Whittlesey
Rod Brown
I truly enjoyed the camping nature of the trip. Sleeping at night to the rocking rhythm of the waves will be a memory forever cherished.
Carolyn Cooper
What a privilege to be able to sail on the San Salvador and enjoy the company of crew and guests. Fun, educational, and a meaningful life experience.
Tom Vigran
Terrific crew and ship that led to my greatest nautical adventure in my life! Only wish I could return the favor aloft.
Nelson Balcar – American Airlines Captain RET.
Great time, great trip. It was good to show this fine vessel around and see how well she performs.
Tom Shipman

San Salvador under sail

Pacific Heritage Tour: Voyage Of Exploration San Salvador