Exhibits at the Maritime Museum

Exhibits at the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Exhibits included with museum admission.


New Exhibit – Opens November 12, 2016

It’s A Sailor’s Life For Me.

Photo documentary by award winning international photographer, Kathryn Mussallem. The collection of 30 photographs, opens on Veteran’s Day weekend and celebrates the Navy men and women who serve…

New Exhibit – Now Open

To The Brink Of War.

An interactive light and sound exhibit aboard the Maritime Museum’s Russian Foxtrot-class submarine takes you on a journey to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis…

New Exhibit – Now Open

Steering Small – The Wonders of Nautical Models

You will enter the world of small ships and experience the wonder of the modelers craft….

Permanent Exhibits

Age of Sail

All the technology of the age of sailing and explorers Exhibits aboard the 1863 bark Star of India place her in context as an example of the final and highest technology of the Age of Sail. Visual and hands-on displays show visitors how ships are sailed...

Age Of Steam

The world at the time of steam power The Age of Steam exhibit incorporates many features of the Ferryboat Berkeley . She was part of the technological revolution of steam power, which enabled the world's commerce to be transacted on precise timetables...

Charting The Sea

Technology and History of Navigation Charting the Sea covers two major eras of Pacific maritime history; the Age of Exploration and the Age of Science .  San Diego, once an object of European discovery, is now a hub for expeditions into the depths ...

Harvesting The Ocean

San Diego area commercial fishing Harvesting the Ocean chronicles the growth and subsequent decline of commercial fishing out of San Diego. This Maritime Museum exhibit profiles the technology and the people who built an industry that once made San...

San Diego's Navy

History of the Naval Presence in San Diego San Diego's Navy is the only exhibit depicting the remarkable history of the United States Navy in San Diego. From the visit of the "Great White Fleet" over 100 years ago, when the harbor was too shallow to...