On the Water Adventures


On the Water Adventures at the Maritime Museum of San Diego

Looking for on the water adventure? We have that covered. Enjoy one of our many exciting options to feed your adventurous side.

Historic Bay Cruises Aboard <em>Pilot</em>

Historic Bay Cruises Aboard Pilot

45 Minute Historic Bay Cruises Aboard Pilot Launched in 1914 to her removal from regular service in 1996, Pilot enjoyed an active career as San Diego's chief pilot craft - assisting almost every one of the thousands of major commercial...
Naval History Bay Tour

Naval History Bay Tour

Take a High-Speed Naval History Tour Aboard A Legendary Swift Boat Feel the history & power of the twin 12 cylinder Detroit Diesels as you take a behind the scenes 75 minute tour of San Diego's military history. Enjoy this unique one...
Tall Ship Adventure Aboard <em>Californian</em>

Tall Ship Adventure Aboard Californian

Tall Ship Adventure Aboard Californian Tall Ship Adventure is a four-hour adventure history sail aboard the schooner Californian . The Californian is a replica of a gold rush era revenue cutter and the Official Tall Ship of the State...
<em>San Salvador</em> Sailing Adventure

San Salvador Sailing Adventure

San Salvador Sailing Adventure A 4 hour San Diego day sail The San Salvador is a replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's ship that arrived at the port we now call San Diego on September 28, 1542. These 4 hour Sailing Adventures are...

General Sail Day info – What to bring on a Day Sail
  • Sunscreen or sunblock
  • Closed toed shoes with non-slip soles
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat for sun protection and or warmth (should stay on in a stiff breeze)
  • Jacket that will protect you from cold and wind (the wind chill factor can be 15 degrees cooler then the land temperature.)
  • Camera and a smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sea sickness an issue?
We recommend that if you have any doubt, you take preventive measures before hand. (Bonine, Dramamine, etc.)

Can I bring my own drinks and food?
Glass containers, coolers, strollers, folding chairs and alcohol are not permitted onboard. Californian has ice chests if you need refrigeration. Passengers are allowed to bring a bagged lunch and non-glass beverages.

What happens in the case of bad weather?
Wind and weather are not under control and the trip may be rescheduled or cut short should conditions prohibit safe passage. If weather conditions are poor on the date of your sail, please call for updates.

How many guests are on board?
At max capacity: Californian – 45, San Salvador – 40, PCF-816 Swift Boat – 25, Pilot – 30.

Can I participate in Sailing the ship?
Aboard Californian & San Salvador YES! We encourage participation. It’s up to you, your ambitions, abilities and attitude. The captain will have ultimate control of the ship and its crews movements. Pilot & Swift Boat is a sit back and enjoy the ride with narration, but you can get up and move around.

What do you do when you have a baby on board (a 1-year-old)?
For safety reasons, we suggest you hold the child. This might create some problems in going below deck, as the stairs are steep. But crew members and docents are available to help, if needed.

Does everyone wear life jackets, including the baby?
No, they are up to you as an individual to determine whether you want to wear one. Just ask as you board, if you prefer to wear one. Life jackets are provided as required by the U.S. Coast Guard. Coast Guard regulations require us have life jackets available, but they are not required to be worn.

Can you go below deck, or does everyone stay above the whole time?
This is completely up to you. Most persons enjoy the topside areas of the sailing experience, but the *restrooms are below deck (*Californian & San Salvador only).

Restrooms aboard?
Californian, & San Salvador have restrooms (heads in boat speak). Pilot and PCF-816 Swift Boat do not.