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A message from Museum President and CEO Dr. Ray Ashley

Dear Shipmates:

Meteorologists call it the Intertropical Convergence Zone but sailors have long held another name for it: the doldrums. It is a climatic band that circles the earth just north of the equator. To the north of it and to the south of it are the trade winds, but in the doldrums itself … mostly emptiness. It is calms, occasionally squalls, and often a large rolling sea that causes the rig and sails to slam and jar maddingly back and forth, shaking out most of what little wind there is. Big sailing ships tried to cross the doldrums at the spots they judged least extensive: at some places the doldrums were barely present at all, at others the doldrums might be hundreds of miles wide, capable of trapping a ship for weeks as it crept across, trying to squeeze out a few feet or miles more from every breath of wind stirring the surface of a glassy rolling sea.

I have crossed the actual doldrums five times before now, and it is always the same. Along with momentum, you have to conserve every resource you have because you simply don’t know how long it’s going to take to get across. But you know that ultimately you will get across. At some point you simply know the sea will flutter again with cat’s-paws, then white caps, then the trades will fill in and you will be on your way, running once more toward the distant landfall.

This extended closure of the Maritime Museum due to Covid -19 is a metaphorical crossing of doldrums and for me, not only the longest but far the worst. Except this time, it is not just a single vessel, it is a fleet and the empty space we navigate across is far more complex, ominous, and intimidating than a few degrees of latitude ever were. There is simply no way of telling how wide the space we must cross, but cross it we must, by virtue of all our skills, resources, patience, will, and every breath of wind, until we are through it. And we will weather through it.

And of that wind? That would be your generosity as always, with the will and faith in purpose it brings to see us across. You are the breeze which has propelled us thus far, toward that yet undiscerned latitude when the ships come back to life and sail again down that long course they were always meant to run.

For the wind you have sent us thus far, and for whatever more you may be able yet to send, thank you. Your support is what will carry us through to the other side.

Captain Ray Ashley, PhD, KCI
President and CEO, Maritime Museum of San Diego

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Photo Credit: Mark Albertazzi

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The mission of the Maritime Museum of San Diego is to serve as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world.

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Vehicle Donation Program

A San Diego treasure, the Maritime Museum of San Diego is more than a collection of world-class exhibits and ships. It is a family of volunteers, members, and supporters like you, who are joined together by their passion for the sea, maritime history, and creating an inspiring and enlightening experience for children and adults alike. Thank you for your support.

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Donating a car is easy! And so is donating other vehicles. We accept all types of vehicles nationwide — cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, and even boats.

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Ticket Donations

Thank you for considering the Maritime Museum of San Diego as an item for your fundraising event. We take pride in our support of local nonprofit organizations for such events benefiting our San Diego community. As a nonprofit organization we reviewed the large number of tickets we donate and found the need to re-evaluate the criteria we use for ticket donation selection.

These guidelines are recently updated and your organization’s request will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • You must be located within San Diego County.
  • Your organization must be a nonprofit and will be using Maritime Museum of San Diego tickets as a fundraising item.
  • Preference will be given to organizations that:
    • align with the Maritime Museum’s Mission (see below statement)
    • are an affiliate organization
    • a partner organization
    • or an organization that has participated in our education programs, or had an event on one of our ships.
  • Four general admission tickets are provided per conforming organization and/or event, and are limited to (1) one request per year. Please avoid submitting multiple requests, including mailed submissions, to avoid duplications.
  • Donated admission tickets are limited to the value of General Admission only and are not valid to use for special events, exhibit surcharges, or any event deemed exempt by the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
  • Value of ticket donations are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
  • No cash value is applicable for donated tickets although they are fully transferable.
  • The Maritime Museum of San Diego requests that any organization that receives donated tickets place an acknowledgment within any marketing materials or programs that support the event.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Maritime Museum of San Diego is to serve as the community memory of our seafaring experience by collecting, preserving, and presenting our rich maritime heritage and historic connections with the Pacific world.

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Join in the adventure! The Maritime Museum of San Diego is home to the maritime story of the West Coast and beyond with one of the most extensive collections of historic ships in the world. Donations & membership helps to tell the maritime story and to preserve these ships.

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“Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made, for somewhere deep in their oaken hearts the soul of a song is laid.”
– Robert N. Rose

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