Family Overnight

Family Overnight - Maritime Museum of San Diego

Maritime Museum Of San Diego Announces
2020 Family Overnight Aboard The Legendary
Star Of India


Brought to you by the Education Department of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is proud to offer this unique opportunity to spend a night aboard the 1863 bark Star of India. Although we will not technically leave the dock, we will be embarking on an imaginary voyage to relive the lives and times of the many emigrant passengers in the Great Age of Sail.

Our Living History programs aboard the Star of India, which primarily serve elementary school classes, have proven to be so popular that we have adapted the format to suit the needs of families in order to let the public participate in this exciting experience. Our instructors will be in character and in costume, teaching various activities such as moving cargo and raising sails. Please keep in mind that the accommodations are also 19th century and can be likened to a camping trip. For example, you will be sleeping on the ‘tween decks (below the upper, open deck) in your sleeping bag, and while there are toilets there are no showers.

Your voyage provides a truly rare opportunity to see the Star of India, as you never have before! Not only will you see areas of the ship that are closed to the public, but you will be able to actually get a taste of what life at sea might have been like in the 19th century. We welcome you aboard and look forward to your arrival on this very special trip! Prices are $80 per person for adults and children over 5 years of age which includes food and accommodations.


The program begins at 2:30pm Saturday, and concludes the following morning at 9:00am.

Plan to arrive by 2:00pm. Leave your gear on the curb in front of the Star of India. A staff person will be there to monitor it while you attend the mandatory orientation aboard the upper deck of the Berkeley at 2:30pm sharp. Be sure to bring the FORMS completed and signed with you to the orientation. Please note that due to the nature of this program we are unable to accommodate participants that arrive later than 2:30pm so be sure to check your schedule prior to signing up for this event.

Dinner and breakfast is provided. Please bring a snack to eat during the orientation, as dinner is not served until 7:15pm. Meals are simple but hearty.

Items to Bring Per Person:
Sleeping bag and pillow
Sleeping mat or padding if desired (you will be sleeping on a wooden deck)
Warm jacket
Two pairs of closed-toe shoes and socks, in case one gets wet
Two sets of comfortable clothing, in case one gets wet
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Plastic cup, bowl, and spoon (no knives or forks)
Imagination and sense of adventure!
Pack your gear in a large, heavy-duty trash bag labeled with your name

Items to Leave at Home:
Sandals, skirts, jewelry, weapons, shorts, pipes, cigars, alcohol

$80.00 per participant age 5 and up and include meals and accommodations.
Space is limited.
Adults must accompany youth under 18.
Participants under the age of 5 are not permitted.

To reserve your adventure or for more information:
Click Here
Or call the Education office at (619) 234-9153 ext. 122

Checklist, Forms, Location, Parking

Last minute checklist:
Release of liability, medical forms
Trash bag with gear
Letter for your sailors (see Special Note tab)

Risk and Liability Form (en Espanol)
Student Medical Form (en Espanol)
If applicable: Administration of Medication (en Espanol)

Click here for location and general museum information.

If possible, arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up. Parking meters are out front, but fill up fast, fee times are 10am-8pm. Credit cards or quarters accepted, needs to be fed every 3 hours, you will be allowed to “jump ship” to feed the meters, however the program will continue without interruption. For this reason, we strongly suggest finding transportation to and from the Star of India. The program ends at 9am the following morning.

Special note for parents/grandparents:

Shhhh…. You may wish to write a fictional letter to your youngsters about your life in the 1870’s. Perhaps you know some of your own family’s immigrant experiences. There is an opportunity for these letters to reach the sailors on their imaginary voyage back in time. We keep these letters a secret from the lads until our evening program. These letters make a great personal teaching experience for your family. You may wish to write the letter as though you are hoping their travel is safe and giving them the news of the world in 1874 that they would have missed during their four to seventh months voyage. Remember the ship was out of contact with the rest of the world except for letters that they would have picked up at various ports. Feel free to call the Education Department if you need some suggestions. (619) 234-9153 x138

Cancellation Policy – No Refunds
If you are unable to attend, please consider your payment a contribution to the Maritime Museum’s educational mission. We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Thank you for your understanding.