Family Overnight

Family Overnight

Family Overnight
Take a Step Back in Time
The Star of India’s Family Overnight!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Brought to you by the Education Department of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego is proud to offer this unique opportunity to spend a night aboard the 1863 bark Star of India. Although we will not technically leave the dock, we will be embarking on an imaginary voyage to relive the lives and times of the many emigrant passengers in the Great Age of Sail.

Our Living History programs aboard the Star of India, which primarily serve elementary school classes, have proven to be so popular that we have adapted the format to suit the needs of families in order to let the public participate in this exciting experience. Our instructors will be in character and in costume, teaching various activities such as moving cargo and raising sails. Please keep in mind that the accommodations are also 19th century and can be likened to a camping trip. For example, you will be sleeping on the ‘tween decks (below the upper, open deck) in your sleeping bag, and while there are toilets there are no showers.

Details to be announced