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Rising Tide

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Rising Tide, debuted in Spring of 2021 at the Het Scheepvaartmuseum, National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. Rising Tide visualizes the human costs of the climate crisis. Dutch documentarian photographer Kadir van Lohuizen illustrates the dramatic consequences of climate change across the world through photographs, video, drone images, and sound. Raymond Ashley, Ph.D., K.C.I., President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, is enthusiastic about being chosen to be the first Maritime Museum on the Pacific Coast to display the powerful work. “The exhibit demonstrates the fragility of life at the water’s edge where the vast majority of humanity currently lives. Most Maritime Museums talk about what happens when civilization, in terms of ships, go to sea. This exhibit is the inverse of that when the sea intrudes upon civilization.”

Rising Tide ExhibitIn response to the pressing implications of rising sea levels, The Netherlands faced a critical wake-up call on January 8th, 2019, when a severe Northwestern storm, compounded by spring tide, triggered flooding on the island of Terschelling. Notably, the quays of West Terschelling were submerged, along with the surrounding area, including the iconic ‘Wierschuur’ at Easter Terschelling. This alarming incident highlights the increasing frequency of such events and the need to address the impacts of climate change. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, acclaimed artist Kadir van Lohuizen has embarked on a compelling journey to capture the profound consequences, of the climate crisis, particularly its manifestation in rising sea levels.

Through an exploration of various global locations, including Greenland, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Kiribati, Fiji, Jakarta, Miami, New York, and his native Netherlands, Van Lohuizen seeks to shed light on the irreversible force of climate change. His personal artistic vision and unwavering discipline are harnessed to present a thought-provoking narrative that transcends mere statistics, delving into the human stories behind the escalating environmental challenge.

The Rising Tide exhibition, a testament to Van Lohuizen’s dedication and comprehensive investigation, offers a multi-dimensional perspective on the impact of rising water levels. By engaging with both policymakers and ordinary citizens, Van Lohuizen unveils diverse viewpoints, painting a vivid picture of the challenges and opportunities in addressing this global crisis. Through a powerful blend of photography and film, the exhibition invites audiences to confront the stark reality of our collective future, urging society to collectively strive for sustainable solutions. Rising Tide clearly identifies through photographs and films the human stories behind the alarming statistics and sketches a confrontational vision of the future. The exhibition is co-developed by Noor, an Amsterdam-based, international agency for documentary photography and visual storytelling.

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