Steering Small

Steering Small; The Wonder of Nautical Models

VISITING EXHIBIT Open through October 2, 2017: Steering Small – The Wonders of Nautical Models

You will enter the world of small ships and experience the wonder of the modelers craft.

Now showing in the Gould Eddy Gallery aboard the Ferryboat Berkeley.

Steering Small; The Wonder of Nautical Models

The ship has played a vital and transformative role in the evolution of societies and cultures. For thousands of years this contribution has been remembered by recreating their likeness in models. Sailors made models of ships they worked on to share their experience with loved ones on shore. Toys were produced for a child’s imaginary world of being on a boat at sea. Navy Identification models were made to educate military and help save lives. Cut away models engage those peeking inside to get a glimpse of a fascinating place from another age. The wonders of nautical models, tiny, intricate mini models with awe inspiring details will have you marvel at their craftsmanship. Steering Small showcases historical models of ships from our past, beautifully crafted, tell us storys’ from 100’s of years ago.

Peek inside and join the adventure!

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Each model creates an imaginative experience and their stories take you back in time.

Model by Joe Frangiosa/photo by Sara Santmyre