Covid-19 Diary – Post Update May 14, 2020

A New Science History Series

With happy news, our Museum did receive PPP funding which allowed us to bring back a number of staff and will see us through the next two months. It also means that those of us who have been living at the Museum have been relieved by our regular security department and can go home. All our returned staff are busy catching up on ship maintenance, planning and preparing for our eventual reopening, and working on grant projects.

While these loan/grants and grants are life sustaining, they don’t begin to cover the near total loss of operational revenues which has ensued since we were forced to shut down. In keeping, I once again am overjoyed to express our gratitude for the moving generosity in financial support that has come from members and donors. Accompanying many of those donations were heartfelt notes and letters containing expressions of support, appreciation for our organization, and affection for the ships and what they mean to our community.

Also keeping us going, is the gradual return of our volunteer maintenance crew. The eerie quiet and stillness at the Museum had become to seem almost normal, so the days since staff and volunteers have been able to return now seem like an ongoing reunion of old friends long separated. That being said, we are taking very seriously our commitment to the newfound array of safe practices: taking temperatures, requiring face masks, keeping personal distance, and avoiding any congestion in spaces down below. And of course, all of us are looking forward to the day when our ships are once again teeming with visitors, school children, and passengers about to embark on under way adventures.

Covid-19 Diary – A New Science History Series

Raymond Ashley
Ph.D., K.C. I., President /CEO
Maritime Museum of San Diego

As a way to carry on with our mission under present circumstances in showing how the sea connects all things, including ourselves with our past, these updates will continue for the foreseeable future.

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