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Maritime Museum Of San Diego Provides Free Videos and Virtual Lesson Plans for Educators Seeking History and Culture Content

The Maritime Museum of San Diego has launched this timely online video and lesson plan resource for teachers and parents looking for engaging, educational and entertaining activities for youth distance learning.

EXPLORE (Experiential Learning Online Resources for Educators) studies focus on the story of Cabrillo and his galleon San Salvador which took place during the Age of European exploration.

Already we are receiving extremely positive feedback from teachers on new History of Oceanic Exploration video series, with the first chapter focusing on San Salvador sponsored by TMA Foundation (the educational arm of the non-profit BlueTech).

Of those surveyed:
54% are likely to use the video as part of their teaching curriculum.
63% tell us the videos covered curriculum topics discussed in their lesson plans this school year.
Nearly all (91%) would be interested in other videos in this series.

Special feedback to note:
For distance teaching, I will break this apart into 2 or 3 viewings. This is specific to my class. Really great video. Yes, I’ll show this to my students.

With this year being so difficult to teach online, this video was perfect! The students were engaged and loved watching it. It was the perfect length and very interesting! Thanks for doing this! Could we have more?

The EXPLORE program today can be repurposed while we are learning on-line, giving teachers and distance learners California history and culture lesson plans, without leaving their home.

Normally the Maritime Museum of San Diego would be hosting hundreds of classroom field trips and welcoming thousands of school children to the waterfront for these hands-on immersive educational experiences told through the historic ships and award-winning living history staff.

Now with pandemic conditions and uncertainty surrounding opening the Museum, the need for effective, engaging distance learning and limited in-person classroom experience, the Museum makes available these easy-to-use digital tools.

The San Diego community watched the galleon replica San Salvador being built right here in San Diego, with the keel laid nearly ten years ago at Spanish Landing. Today San Salvador can be visited dockside at the Museum as part of the general admission experience, and normally public and educational group sailing programs would be witnessed in the Bay.

The new resource and library of tools for grades 3-5 include:

  • Lesson plans
  • Videos
  • Image Library
  • Interpretive Text Panels
  • Downloadable Paper Models
  • Exhibit Guide
  • Research Publications for Educators

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Looking for a break from your streaming video routine? Carve time out for these new productions the Maritime Museum of San Diego created and partnered on, for audiences near and far.

voyages of the san salvador - video cover

Voyages of the San Salvador – Cabrillo’s Journey

NPS film, Voyages of the San Salvador – Cabrillo’s Journey follows the 1542 expedition led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo on a journey to find a route to China to trade for valuable spices. This expedition marked the first European landing on what is now the west coast of the United States. Filmed on the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s replica of the San Salvador, and with the use of interviews, the movie allows viewers to experience what life was like during the Age of Exploration. While Cabrillo’s expedition never found a route to China, Cabrillo and the San Salvador play a significant role in California history.

History of Oceanic Exploration - video cover

History of Oceanic Exploration

Humanity has always moved through our world with curiosity and fascination. We always want to know what’s over the horizon and why the world works the way it does. We believe that science is a process, a collection of methods that humans have developed to better understand the natural world and navigate our way through it. That is never more evident than in the story of how we explored the seas.

First Contact The Voyage of Cabrillo - video cover

First Contact – The Voyage of Cabrillo

First Contact is a Tale about Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who first sailed into the waters of what is now the State of California in 1542 aboard his flagship, the San Salvador. He explored much of the coast, including The Channel Islands. Cabrillo’s exploration of and interaction with the native peoples of present day California occurred 50 years after Christopher Columbus’ voyage of discovery and 78 years before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Galleon San Salvador - video cover

Galleon San Salvador

A Partnership In History, Cabrillo National Monument & Maritime Museum San Diego.

These tools are for all to enjoy and share with friends, family members and anyone in your community in need. We would love to hear your feedback too. So, please email me with your comments, click here to send email..

Thank you,
Susan Sirota
Vice President Maritime Museum of San Diego

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The Maritime Museum of San Diego experience includes admission to a world-class collection of historic sailing ships, steam-powered boats, and submarines, each offering entertaining and educational exhibits. The 501c3 non-profit Museum enjoys an international reputation for excellence in restoring, maintaining, and operating historic vessels including the world’s oldest active sailing ship, Star of India. Maritime Museum of San Diego is ranked as one of the nation’s top attractions offering self-guided tours, docent guided-group tours, tall ship charters, year round public events, educational programs, and a distinctive venue for corporate/private events. The Museum is open daily along Star of India Wharf at 1492 North Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101-3309.

San Diego-based TMA BlueTech (TMA) is the largest, most active cluster in the U.S. Its’ Mission Statement is “Promoting Sustainable, Science-Based Ocean and Water Industries”. TMA has an active educational and workforce development program carried out through its educational arm TMA Foundation.