San Salvador in the News – July 29, 2015

San Salvador on the water

San Salvador on the water.

San Salvador is Now a Ship on Water.

Lets start with Three Cheers for Marine Group Boat Works – Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!

July 29, 2015
by Museum Staff

The big news is the San Salvador was lowered into the water and christened on Wed July 29 at 4pm at Bayside a Park in Chula Vista adjacent to Marine Group Boat Works. The ship was christened by Mrs. Vi McKinney and Carolyn Sharp.

To accomplish this we first had to move San Salvador from her build site at Spanish Landing. This required carefully rotating the San Salvador. Once that was done a heavy load trailer and barge donated by Marine Group Boat Works was dispatched to the build site. A temporary bridge was build between land and barge. The heavy-load trailer was then slid underneath the ship. On Tuesday, the trailer inched its way back across the narrow bridge and onto the barge, which then slowly floated south to Marine Group Boat Works.

Once at Marine Group Boat Works, it was easy work for the 300 ton travel lift to pickup the San Salvador to prepare her for her launching.

The San Salvador is looking to make her public debut during Festival of Sail, Labor Day weekend.

Media Coverage:
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San Salvador on the barge

San Salvador on the barge leaving Spanish Landing.

San Salvador being lowered.

San Salvador being lowered.

marine group boat works logo

Thanks to Marine Group Boat Works for the donation of effort, time, equipment and dedication.