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Jim Bregante – Has retired from Public Speaking.

Jim Bregante aboard Berkeley

Jim Bregante is a native San Diegan, Docent for the Maritime Museum of San Diego, member of the San Diego History Center, and the Italian Historical Society. An experienced speaker, Jim shares his experience of growing up in Little Italy, near the vibrant life of the waterfront, via a PowerPoint presentation, featuring pictures from historical and family archives. Jim’s memories are shared and treasured by many San Diegans.

Today, Jim has been called to share his story with many groups throughout San Diego. In twelve years, Jim has given 335 presentations to an audience of over 12,800 people. His program has been well received by many interested groups.

Step back in time with Jim Bregante’s historical presentation of San Diego’s Waterfront and Little Italy.

Public Appearances- now retired
Grandparents Little Italy

Grandparents Little Italy

Grape St Pier 1955

Grape St Pier 1955

Viewer Comments

“Your attention to details of history is priceless. I found myself laughing and crying while listening to your fond memories of growing up in Little Italy and along the waterfront.”

“As Bregante came to the conclusion of his presentation, it was apparent how much he relished the opportunity to share his past with the college students.”

“You have an awesome presentation on the San Diego Waterfront. I feel like I was there and could see, hear and smell the sights and sounds of the area when you were growing up.”

Recently published and available at the Maritime Museum gift shop.

Generations of Memories….
On Never to be Forgotten India Street

By Jim Bregante

Visit Jim Bregante’s “My Historical Presentation” website: Click here.

Jim developed his presentation at the request of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, as part of a training program for docents. Little did he realize it would turn into a new career.