Boarded! A New Pirate Adventure

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BOARDED! A New Pirate Adventure!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

This hilarious interactive show puts you right in the middle of the pirate action. After you are sworn in as part of the crew you will be trained how to navigate, sword fight, bail water from a sinking ship, escape from the Kings Jail, swab the deck and other pirate skills. But beware…there be mutiny afoot, a lost crew and cursed treasure.

BOARDED A New Pirate Adventure.

  • Adult $30.00
  • Child 12 & under $20.00

90 minute Show Aboard Californian
Choose from two shows. Check-in times are 10:30am, 12:45pm
Sails are not set for BOARDED
Maritime Museum General Admission is not included.

Boarded - A new pirate adventure

“Life is pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be, I’m a Pirate after all.”
Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean