Pacific Heritage Tour: A New Voyage Of Exploration

Pacific Heritage Tour: A New Voyage Of Exploration San Salvador

Maritime Museum Of San Diego Announces New Fall 2019 Pacific Heritage Tour: A New Voyage Of Exploration

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Channel Islands Harbor to San Diego September 8 – 13, 2019

(SAN DIEGO, CA) May 16, 2019 — Maritime Museum of San Diego, with an international reputation for excellence in restoring, maintaining, and operating historic vessels, announces their newest adventure at sea. Each fall since her completion in 2016, the Maritime Museum of San Diego has sent its galleon San Salvador on a coastwise voyage to other ports and California’s offshore islands, collectively known as the Pacific Heritage Tour (PHT).

Cabrillo’s San Salvador: A Pacific Heritage Tour, commemorates the 1542 expedition led by explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo aboard the original San Salvador. San Salvador is a full scale replica of the flagship used by Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo during the first European voyage to explore what would one day become the West Coast of the United States. Meticulously constructed by the Maritime Museum of San Diego over six years and US Coast Guard Certified, San Salvador is one of very few early modern replica ships in which members of the public can glimpse through experience what seafaring beyond the known world was like half a millennium ago. The San Salvador vessel is the Maritime Museum of San Diego’s newest educational and experiential platform, bringing our rich Pacific maritime history to life for adventurers young and old. Since 2016, Maritime Museum of San Diego has sailed the California coastline visiting Oxnard, Monterey, Morro Bay, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, the Channel Islands and Ensenada, Mexico.

In addition, this year also coincides with the 500-year anniversary beginning the first circumnavigation of the world by Ferdinand Magellan. As a unique commentary on these two voyages, for this year’s PHT program, San Salvador will embark with a group of world-renowned historians who will give lectures to the rest of the ship’s company, along with standing watch, steering, and sail handling with expedition participants.

Dr. Raymond Ashley, Ph.D., K.C.I., President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, describes the adventure as “a rare exclusive bucket list opportunity for an immersive, educational experience at sea.”

Historians aboard include:
Dr. Carla Rahn Phillips, Union Pacific Professor (Emerita) Early Modern History, University of Minnesota of the Twin Cities, author of Six Galleons for the King of Spain and many other definitive works. Carla is one of the world’s foremost experts on Spanish seafaring in the age of exploration.

Dr. Alex Roland, coauthor and editor of The Way of the Ship, A History of the US Merchant Marine, Undersea Warfare in the Age of Sail, and former historian of NASA. Dr. Roland is one of the world’s leading experts on the history of technology, with an emphasis on military, naval, and maritime technology.

Dr. Timothy Runyan, historian, and experienced diver who has investigated historic shipwrecks, and coauthor of European Naval and Maritime History 300-1500 and many other works. Dr. Runyan is former Director of East Carolina University’s Program in Maritime History and Underwater Archeology, former Director of Maritime Heritage for NOAA’s National Maritime Sanctuaries, and is a Board member of the National Maritime Historical Society, from whom he was recently recognized with a lifetime achievement award.

Dr. Jim Cassidy, an archeologist and expert on the prehistoric maritime migrations to the Americas. He is co-author of California Maritime Archeology and has published numerous articles on North Pacific maritime prehistory. Jim is a former Regional Archeologist for the U.S. and is currently archeologist for the Maritime Museum of San Diego, Director of the Museum’s docent training program, and a qualified crew for the Museum’s fleet of historic vessels.

Dr. Raymond Ashley, President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego and Captain of the San Salvador. Dr. Ashley has been Director of the Maritime Museum since 1995, curator of ships, contributor to the Museum’s academic journal Mains’l Haul, and spearheaded the San Salvador project. Dr. Ashley holds a Coast Guard license for 200 tons, Master of Sail and teaches History of Navigation for the Museum’s Educational Program.

In addition to the above, both Dr. Phillips and MMSD President/CEO Dr. Ashley have been knighted by the King of Spain for their contribution to Spanish seafaring history.

The voyage will depart September 8 from Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California, call in to the California Channel Islands (which have arguably changed little since Cabrillo’s day) and arrive in San Diego six days later on September 13. During the course of the voyage participants will learn how to sail a galleon, steer with a whipstaff, visit prehistoric archeological sites, learn about the Cabrillo and Magellan voyages, sixteenth century navigation, shipbuilding, and naval warfare, including actual use of the San Salvador’s formidable battery of artillery.

The 6 day/5 night new Voyage of Exploration tickets are $1,519 per person. Space is limited and early reservations encouraged. Meals and accommodations are included. Transportation to Channel Islands Harbor to board the vessel is not included. Guests must be 12 and up.

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What adventurers had to say about past Pacific Heritage Tours:
Trip of dreams! Perfect blend of adventure & education. Fascinating & gregarious crew!
Jeff Krumm
Great Adventure! Thank you for bringing this part of history into our lives, and thanks to a fun, knowledgeable crew. Once in a lifetime experience!
Steve Whittlesey
Rod Brown
I truly enjoyed the camping nature of the trip. Sleeping at night to the rocking rhythm of the waves will be a memory forever cherished.
Carolyn Cooper
What a privilege to be able to sail on the San Salvador and enjoy the company of crew and guests. Fun, educational, and a meaningful life experience.
Tom Vigran
Terrific crew and ship that led to my greatest nautical adventure in my life! Only wish I could return the favor aloft.
Nelson Balcar – American Airlines Captain RET.
Great time, great trip. It was good to show this fine vessel around and see how well she performs.
Tom Shipman
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